Memorial Day Concert "stunning"


Whoever came up with the idea for this combined Memorial Day concert between The Plainsmen and  Canterbury Brass on Friday 6th of November at Middleton Grange Audirorium deserves a medal.

So says Velma Maunsell who was in the audience for that event. She goes on...

The music choice for this programme was stunning. The music of “Passchendaele” played by the band stirred the emotions and we were alongside those men as they went through the fateful battle.

Other music also contributed to the aim of the concert………. “remembrance”.

The Plainsmen performed admirably. The choice of songs for their part of the programme was great and contributed to the whole event.

Roger Southcott's  performance of “Bring him home" was stirring. I don’t think I have heard him sing it  so well.

Thanks for a great night. and keep up the good work.

Velma Maunsell