Three Plainsmen attend Harmony University


Three of our members (Rob Grieve, Gary Kennett and Terry Maunsell) attended this "first class" barbershop training event organised by Jill Rodgers (Education Officer BHNZ) & Matt Gifford (Vice President-Education Team). It was held at Tawa College.

Rob writes: We chose classes according to which level of education was offered. These classes were: Directing; Managing chorus issues; Vocal Pedagogy; Quartet Coaching; Coaching A Quartet under Glass with audience involvement; Judging Classes for Judges school participants; Preparation for singing a song with emotion; Telling a story to set the scene; Singing with a chorus working at  learning a song for performance; Performing on stage; Attending a Quartet Parade; The Art of Performances; Singing with Artistry & Musicality.

The tutors made this event. The Saturday evening concert was basically a 14 quartet judging event with 2 choruses competing with each other. A grand time for all. Well worth attending such an event which will be held annually from now on.