Why Sing?

Singing makes you happy and it’s good for you in so many ways.  The physical act of singing releases endorphins, lifts your mood, develops your lungs and reduces stress.  It is also mentally stimulating, which improves concentration and memory, and it’s a wonderful form of social interaction.  Singing with others is about community - working together on a common goal, valuing the contributions of all members and sharing the team’s success. Ringing a chord is no easy feat, and working together to make it happen builds mutual trust and friendship.

Singing is a part of every culture in the world, and expressing ourselves in song is an innately human desire.   That expression needs an auditorium bigger than your shower and an audience more engaging than your cat!  Getting involved in singing performance gives you the impetus, support and excuse to what’s good for you, let out that voice and sing!

Why sing with us?

The Plainsmen offer a supportive and friendly environment with many opportunities if you are not afraid to take the first step.  

  • We’ll help you find your voice and develop your singing skills.
  • We provide regular performance opportunities for the full chorus and its ensembles and quartets.
  • We foster a team approach and maintain a genuine friendship on and off the stage.
  • Barbershop music is a lot of fun to be part of – ringing chords can be seriously addictive.

Contact Us

Email: [email protected]

Phone numbers:

Vice President Membership: Graham King (03 352 2364 or 021 708143)

Musical Director Rob Grieve (03 3832239 or 021 1599231

Secretary: Terry Maunsell (03 354 0060 or 021 724 346)