Chance Encounter - the name says it all. After Men Aloud disbanded last year I (Bryan Taylor) was in two minds about forming another quartet. In some ways they are pure delight - making music with a bunch of friends - in other ways they can be a lot of hard work.

In early 2013, newcomers Peter Milligan (Lead) and Alan McKinnon (Tenor) joined up with Gary Kennett (Baritone) and Christchurch’s own ‘Mr Barbershop’ Rob Grieve (Bass).  Late Shift has competed at two NZ conventions and performed at several Plainsmen shows and other engagements around Canterbury

Men Aloud were formed in 2011, after the initial earthquakes in Christchurch. A PanPacific Convention had been planned for Brisbane that year and, in the aftermath of the quakes, the City of Sails from Auckland Chorus kindly offered the Plainsmen the opportunity to sing with them at the PanPac.

The Nor’Westers have been together as a quartet for 6 years. We first got together to participate in the Valentine's Day sing outs. Our members are: Tenor: Roger Southcott - Lead: Lyndsay Pearson - Baritone: Carl McGregor - Bass: Graeme King.

Current NZ Senior Champions, and boasting a string of NZ and Pan Pacific medals in past years, Pastime have some serious barbershop pedigree.  David Martin (Lead) , Rob Grieve (Bass), Tim Armitage (Tenor), Ken Shields (Baritone) have been invited to attend the 2016 International convention at Ren

Established in 2011, Christchurch-based The Vocal Network quartet performs a broad range of musical styles including contemporary a cappella and barbershop. Three of the group started out by singing in the Plainsmen chorus.